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The structure of your site will depend on your own personal priorities but it can be as simple as:

Home : About me : My Work : Blog

Work sections often are broken down by media, client or the period in which the work was produced.

Homepage’s quite often end up being vacuous on portfolio sites so they’re often substituted by About me, Work or your Blog sections.

As a graduate you must include your CV as a download, preferably as a PDF, somewhere on the site.

Once you’ve started producing commercial work include testimonials from your clients on the site where you can.

Also consider reciprocal links to fellow designers as these will improve your Google rating.

You need to consider the copy you’ll write for your website as Google uses this to search for your website. Also think about the tone of the copy on your site, it’s easy to forget that it’s a client facing piece of branding when it’s your own website. Writing styles to avoid are, over confidence, too much humility, excessive profanity, placeholder text and typos.

I would recommend maintaining a good balance between creating your own content on your blog and pointing to other peoples work. If you are solely giving a brief opinion and linking to other sites then not only does it look as though you’re not a practising designer but the industry as a whole ends up consuming itself and not going forward.

You can take inspiration for the type of content you can include from these site made by UWE students from my tutorial group last semester… (built using (built using (built using Flash)
(built using Dreamweaver)

One of the first decisions you’ll make whilst designing your site is where you place the relative graphical weight. Do you want your personal design style to come across in the site’s shell or it’s content?
A lot of practising designers prefer to keep the their sites very simple and let their work do the talking.
Daniel Eatock is one such designer. He and a some web developers have created Indexhibit which is a simple way to build ‘invisible’ websites.


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  1. Great blog its very helpful and easy to understand. For more ideas or just to add links check out There are blogs there about website design, development, Search engine optimization, and hosting. Most of these blogs are tutorials that you can repost just be sure to reference the page you get them from if adding them to your blog. Again thank you for this blog.

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