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To get your site live you need register a domain, buy hosting and FTP your files to your web server. Let’s take a look at what that actually means.

Domains / Hosting

Your Domain name is the address of your website, like

There’s a system (called DNS) which points that domain name at a computer (a web server) with the all your website files on.

That computer is your host. It is the computer you need to put your images, HTML, CSS, Flash etc on to.


You can register your domain and host your files with separate companies but often it’s easier to have same company do both.

If you’re going to build a simple site in Dreamweaver or Flash almost any Domain name registration company will be able to host your site. The basic packages can be quite cheap:,

You can transfer your hosting or domain name to new company after buying at later date if you wish.

There’s a more detailed but very digestible description of how hosting, domain names interconnect here. If you’re planning on using for your site this article will make it a lot easier to understand the setup process.

If you’re going to use a blogging site like for your web presence, make your life easy and buy the domain name from them.
If you’re going use as a basis for your site make sure the host you go with can provide the technologies you need. As I mentioned previously will provide everything you need at a reasonable price.


You need to get the files you’ve created for your website (CSS, HTML, Flash etc) from your computer to your host’s computer for people to access your website.

To do this you need to use something called a FTP (file transfer protocol) program. This type of program lets you move files to and from your web Web Server, there’s plenty of open sources ftp programs out there including filezilla and cyberduck. Dreamweaver has FTP functionality built into it so you won’t necessarily need an additional program.


It’s outside this blog’s scope to run through how you’d create more than a basic site but if you apply the techniques shown here you can create a very respectable personal site.

Don’t worry too much if some of the technical details have pass you by, there’s plenty of options to build your site without knowing most of these techniques. But if you do apply them they will improve your site no matter what approach to the build you take.

I’d suggest you revisit this site in the very near future whilst it’s still in your mind. Also there’s several good CSS tutorials on

Above all enjoy the process and let me know if this brief introduction to web design has helped you create a personal site.

Dave Gillett


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